Saturday 20 June 2015

More FGV

All I have to show for myself this week are my two FGV blocks, which were technically made a few weeks ago!

I thought I would have more to show for myself this week, but I spent all day Monday helping my dad with his vegetable patch.  I then spent Tuesday in agony over all the stooping - it somehow triggers the injury to my shoulder I had earlier this year (I pulled all the muscles around my shoulder blade, and I think I must have torn part of it judging by how long it took to clear up).  I then spent Thursday in the car picking my sister up from the airport.  Typically this lasted longer than expected because her flight was delayed and then we hit many diversions on the way home.

I finished my Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose Wallhanging in the car, but somehow it has picked up a couple of dirty marks.  I'll have to wash it and am in fear of it running - pink batiks?!  Argh!

I'm also quilting my monkeys and garden path quilts, but nothing to show as yet.  I'm trying very hard to get my Q2 list finished - I have nearly everything done on it, bar one thing I couldn't possibly have done.  I have already scribbled a list of what I want done in the next quarter - it's brilliant for getting me motivated!


  1. I love your house block! So cute!

  2. Love your block display rack! How creative! I'm enjoying the FGV sew along, just love Lori Holt's style.