Thursday 23 April 2015

I have a finish... but as the customer hasn't collected it yet, I can't show it.  This is as much as I can show -
lots of lovely binding!

I quilted this for a friend:
which was a first attempt at feathers.
 I'm also quilting this for a friend, so tried more feathers.
This is a gorgeous pattern called Golden Jubilee, which is a bit like Double Wedding Ring on steroids!

I'm also prepping and cutting for two quilts, which I'll show soon.  I find with my shoulder I can't cut much at a time, so I have to stagger it out over a while.  I'm taking advantage of the fabulous weather to pre-wash all the fabrics.  I often do, then made a baby quilt with a charm pack which ran and bled hideously.  As I'm using similar colours, I'm definitely pre-washing this time!

Tuesday 14 April 2015

To finish...

Forgive the crappy photos - my camera was dying so I took these very quickly.  This is on my list of things to do this quarter:
This baby quilt is to be finished for Saturday.  Since the photo was taken, I have a third quilted.

I want to get this wallhanging bound and up!

I was half-way through quilting this when I spotted a bad print on the red.  So it had to be ripped out and replaced.  I want this quilted and bound. 
I made this top a while ago.  I have a free motion class in An Grainan coming up, so I want a few more samples of free motion ready.  This is one.

 This I made as a sample for Fiddlesticks Fabrics a year or so ago.  I had only time to do basic stitch in the ditch.  So more free motion!
 And some more!  This is a quilt a few people in our class made, and I was asked to quilt this by one of the class members.  Mum has made it as well (well, she's waiting for me to finish the leaves!) so I've already planned how I'm going to quilt it.  Please excuse the toy stuffing on the floor!
 I want to do at least one of these for some selfish sewing.
I had nominated this before (well, in a way, I missed the linky) so let's see what I can do this time.
And lastly I have a table runner to quilt for someone.  Does it count for quilting to be done for someone else as a finish, if it's not mine and I don't have to worry about binding?!

And then here are some finishes!
Again, someone in the class had this made, she asked me to quilt on the writing.
 I was asked to make this doggie from Love Patchwork and Quilting for someone.  Love this dog!

So I've already a couple of finishes for this quarter, here's hoping some of the rest will follow!

Tuesday 7 April 2015


... a return to sewing.  It's taken months for me to be able to do things like hold a needle, cut out, iron, sew at my machine with any comfort thanks to the pulled muscles in my back.  It's still a little dodgy after a while working, but I got this done:
which is a pattern called Cotton Tails from Love Patchwork and Quilting (can't remember the issue, it was at least last year though).

I actually made two, one for me and one for someone else - the face is better on the other one, but oh well!