Sunday, 16 August 2015

A quick little post

Between the laptop acting up, and insomnia and other things, I've not been posting and now feel like I have a mountain of stuff to post!  So I'm going to break it up into some smaller posts...

Firstly, here's the results of my little giveaway!

 Giveaway 1: Sarah@123quilt
Giveaway 2: thebiasedge.  I'll be in contact soon for addresses!  Thanks to everyone who entered, I really appreciate it.

Here's my recent FGV blocks:

Pumpkin (I'm not American, we don't do pumpkins, I hope this looks more like an apple)

 Milking Day
 From my Window (I think that's the right name from memory)
 Mama Hen
 Old Red Barn
 Out to Pasture
 Kettle's On
Grandma's Quilt Block.  I think this is my favourite of this lot!

I've also made two of these:

one for my dad,  one for me!


And finally this:

for my Aunt's birthday.  None are finished as yet though...

So, I'll be back with a monstrous Sunday Stash post tomorrow!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

A flyby post...

I aten't dead!

I've been having problems - either food poisoning and insomnia making me computer-incompatible, or me fine and computer throwing hissy fits.  I haven't even been able to reply to comments, sorry!  I've been a bit busy, but tomorrow (in 6 hours time, yeah...) I'm off to the Festival of Quilts for a few days!  So I'll update you then, possibly with an epic Sunday Stash!  What have I missed?  I've been totally out of the loop!

ETA: Giveaway sorted, will include that in next post.