Sunday 15 May 2016


So much for my big plans to get lots done this week.  I've spent most of it doing go-for - "Go for a new ballcock", "go for something for the tractor" - despite the fact we prepare all the fields as much as possible for the cattle to go out, there's always things turn up, and it's just been a week of it.  All I've got done is this:
many many nine patches and whatever the other block is called.  You may remember this quilt
I've been asked to make another for Megan's sister, so as many of the same fabrics as I could find, and some of the appliques will be the same.  I have a fortnight to get it finished, and some stuffed letters too.  Erp....

Saturday 7 May 2016

*feeling sheepish*

Well, turns out this thing is still working...  I've been very neglectful.  It's very bad of me!  I genuinely didn't realise it had been so long.

I hurt my shoulder again, so sewing anything was out for months.  Add that working on the farm (which is great for painful shoulders...) which just had me exhausted.

So what has been going on?

New cat:
This is Tiggy Woo (technically Tiggy Woo III - my very first cat was the original; I intended Trixie Woo after All Creatures Great And Small but 6 year-old me couldn't pronounce it).  Tiggy came here with his sisters when he was very small, the latest in a long long line of strays that find their way here.  We had a neighbour who wanted to adopt his sisters, so he stayed with us!  He and Perdie don't exactly get along but have developed a rather feline way of ignoring each others.

And in other rather exciting news, I have started a little business!  Very, very scary times.  My beautiful sewing shed has been like this 
for a few months.  All is now re-located and shelves are erected (photos to come) and the website is finally live.  I'm so looking forward to being able to sew again, having now time, space and a relative lack of pain.  This is the only thing (other than panels, which didn't really feel blog-worthy) I've done since last blogging:

I hadn't tried this particular pattern of quilting before, and I think it's mostly came out ok.  This was a commission, so hoping the recipient likes it!  I have another couple of orders to meet, and then it will be play time again!

Off to catch up,

Edit: I forgot to mention website.  Whoops...