Sunday 15 May 2016


So much for my big plans to get lots done this week.  I've spent most of it doing go-for - "Go for a new ballcock", "go for something for the tractor" - despite the fact we prepare all the fields as much as possible for the cattle to go out, there's always things turn up, and it's just been a week of it.  All I've got done is this:
many many nine patches and whatever the other block is called.  You may remember this quilt
I've been asked to make another for Megan's sister, so as many of the same fabrics as I could find, and some of the appliques will be the same.  I have a fortnight to get it finished, and some stuffed letters too.  Erp....

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  1. Good luck with it! We've got a visitor coming to stay next weekend so we've been stuck with spring cleaning!