Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dodging a headache

My eyes are going all skew-whiffy tonight, so I'm rushing this post while I can still focus.

 Another Q2 goal.  I made this for Fiddlesticks Fabrics a couple of years ago and in the hurry to finish I only managed some basic stitch in the ditch.  I decided I'd quilt this up for a free motion class I was teaching, deliberately only quilting half.
 Ribbon candy on yellow, stipple in blue, loops in green, straight lines on brown and a free hand scallop around the panels.

Mum holding up the quilt for a full view.

Quilt is approx 41" x 54".

One more finish for tomorrow!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday, finish, FGV, photobomb

After my very productive couple of days, I've only been able to grab moments here and there.  I got the last few inches of binding finished today.  We've been down on the farm all day making silage (down all day yesterday, didn't happen as it rained too much, total waste of a day!) and I went to get some photos while everyone else was on a tea break.

Close up of the quilting - "Lighthearted" from Step By Step Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli.  I wanted something fairly flowing and this was lovely.

 I decided to try somewhere else for photos, and found this funky broken branch.  Look behind the quilt (hard, I know, it's rather bright) - can you see our boys?
 Definitely intrigued!
 I moved to another gate - this is where they are usually fed.
 And here they all are, thinking they're going to scrounge another meal!

Quilt Stats (an idea nicked from Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon:
Size: 60 x 60 inches
Quilting: Lighthearted by Christina Cameli
Thread: Superior Threads King Tut "Sunstone"
 So here's my Fresh Pears block (pips not sewn yet)
and Feed and Seed.

And now, I'm sitting with my feet up, trying to work out a banner, eating Tayto crisps (the only crisps) and relaxing!

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

The finishes are going to come thick and fast...

and here's the next one:
I thought this wasn't going to happen.  As I said in my last post, I had this in the car to finish sewing the binding and it picked up a couple of dirty marks.  I was dubious about the colour running, but thankfully it didn't!  It's a little crinkly though, despite all my best efforts.  Boo.

Here's a photo of it in the window to try and make it look a bit more stained glass, but it's a dull day here today.  It was one of my oldest UFOs, so I'll be glad when I have it hanging.

Once that went ok, I got into a bit of a whirlwind and got loads done.  Everything that follows has been done from Saturday til yesterday - I was in such a blur I didn't stop to take photos.  I spent today in the car going to and from the airport.

This is quilted and 3/4 bound (most of binding sewn in car today):

"Are you honestly still trying to get photos of me?"

 "Fine, here I am, looking cute."

Incidentally, see all the tufts of thread in the second photo of this?  My machine was fine to begin with, but then went a bit bonkers, and the thread kept catching around the lowered feed dogs.  I couldn't tell for ages that that's what it was catching on, and once I did I decided to put the feed dogs back up and that solved everything, thank goodness.
 I pieced this along with the next two FGV blocks (I'll post those on Friday) and quilted it; just some straight line quilting and binding to go.
 I also pieced this - I intend quilting this in the next quarter finish along.  Just needs its borders now.  I also had this in pink, discovered a mistake and have it all ripped and ready to re-assemble.
 "OMG, I love quilt tops!"
 "Haha, I move too fast for your camera!"
 "Well,that display of enthusiasm was embarrassing, going to hide now"

Anyway, the colours weren't great when I took them inside, here it is outside.  I love the specific green and blue that are in this, just lovely.

I also got more quilted on my monkeys quilt, and it is about 95% finished.  I have high hopes of having almost all on my list finished by the end of the month!  Unfortunately, I'll lose tomorrow as we're making silage... oh, what fun!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

More FGV

All I have to show for myself this week are my two FGV blocks, which were technically made a few weeks ago!

I thought I would have more to show for myself this week, but I spent all day Monday helping my dad with his vegetable patch.  I then spent Tuesday in agony over all the stooping - it somehow triggers the injury to my shoulder I had earlier this year (I pulled all the muscles around my shoulder blade, and I think I must have torn part of it judging by how long it took to clear up).  I then spent Thursday in the car picking my sister up from the airport.  Typically this lasted longer than expected because her flight was delayed and then we hit many diversions on the way home.

I finished my Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose Wallhanging in the car, but somehow it has picked up a couple of dirty marks.  I'll have to wash it and am in fear of it running - pink batiks?!  Argh!

I'm also quilting my monkeys and garden path quilts, but nothing to show as yet.  I'm trying very hard to get my Q2 list finished - I have nearly everything done on it, bar one thing I couldn't possibly have done.  I have already scribbled a list of what I want done in the next quarter - it's brilliant for getting me motivated!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday Stash

 Here's my stash additions this week!  I'm planning on making lots of little purses, and that's the intention for most of this.  It's a mixed bag of manufacturers, I'm not entirely sure which are which at the minute!  I bought most of this at the Crafter's Basket in Cliffony, Sligo.  Here's the view from this shop:
This is Classiebawn Castle and the mountain is Ben Bulben.  Classiebawn overlooks the village of Mullaghmore, which has been in the news lately.  It is from Mullaghmore that Lord Mountbatten set off from on the day that he and 3 others were killed by a PIRA bomb planted on their boat, and Prince Charles recently visited the area.

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Another finish, and more Farm Girl Vintage

I had to go with Mum for a hospital appointment yesterday.  As the hospital is about 2 1/2 hrs away, I brought binding with me to sew, and am finally finished my Christmas apple core tablerunner!

 I couldn't resist a photo of it on the daisies!
 And on our dining room table, which makes it look like it's in miniature!  I probably should have ironed it first though...
 And onto my Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  This one is Crops
and this one Egg Basket.  I was unsure how the gingham would turn out, but I think it's pretty sweet!

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Uncooperative models

I've been trying to get my cat to model on a quilt to make up a banner.  Unfortunately, much as Perdie loves quilts, she hates cameras.  I tried today, I really did.  Set her on a quilt, she jumps off.  I decide to put the quilt on the front lawn to photograph it (I'll be showing that soon), come back upstairs to hang out a window, and there she is on another quilt!  Who cares that the lighting isn't right, I have the camera aimed and ready!
"Not looking at you"

"Nope, still not looking at you"

Grumpy face: "Fine, I'll look at that thing for you, but I'm not going to be cute".

The quilt is one I made a few years ago.  It was made as a sample for Fiddlesticks Fabrics.  I wanted to negate the very floral effect of the fabric by using a very square and plain design.  I then tried to soften the effect by using spirals to quilt it.  It was the first time I've used spirals and I really enjoyed both the quilting and how it turned out.

I've tried sizing up my photos - please let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


This is my...well, I don't really have a name for it.  It's very vintage in feel, with fabrics that have teacups, strawberries, little polka dots etc.

 I took it down to our farm for some photos!  Hanging over a gate...
 ...over a half-door.
 This is my first pieced back!  I was always anxious about this, in case the added bulk in places would be a problem when quilting.  I never noticed it!
And this is the binding.  I machined the binding using this technique as I didn't have enough fabric left for a normal binding.  I think this has worked out well as the little flash of white from the faux flange helps.  You can also see the quilting here - I used Aurifil #50 in white, using a pattern from one of Angela Water's books.

Monday, 8 June 2015


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Friday, 5 June 2015

Keeping up...

Corn and Tomatoes
 Country Crossroads

I'm keeping up, through fits and starts!  I have the next few made, but will wait for their weeks.

I'm going to be tidying up around here in the next few days.  My tech skills are... limited, so here's hoping it works!