Tuesday 30 August 2011

The picture of comfort, isn't she?!  But that very possessive-looking paw isn't going to get her anything - this has a home all lined up!

Monday 29 August 2011

Blog it and you will get it?

Because if so, I need to think seriously about what I want to ask for!

Anyway, while my internet is playing ball, here's a post.  This is Fiddlesticks' stall at FOQ, with a few of my things hanging up!  That's my bag hanging at the front, and a Brick Path in pink, cream and green which I think I had a photo of...  Also, in the corner
is "Newspaper" (it's black and white and red all over... maybe not the best name but the only one that came to mind").  I'll be doing this as a class in Fiddlesticks on 8th October if anyone is interested.
Of course there was some shopping done.  And that cute little teddy print is already backing a baby quilt!

Books - I love getting the chance to look through them on the bookstands.
Doo-dads.  Zips, handles, rulers, frogs.

And some other bits and pieces.  That green and white with the swirls is the most gorgeous wool which I hope to make into a bag.

I'll post again with the quilts I liked the most (internet allowing, of course).

Sunday 28 August 2011

Very, very slow internet

is a pain.  I'm not sure quite what has happened to it, but it has slowed to a virtual (no pun intended) crawl.  I've tried since the Festival of Quilts to upload some photos but it hasn't happened. 
I've just waited about 2 hours for a photo to upload, so this is more to say hello, than an actual blog post!

Be back when the internet allows!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Ready for the Festival of Quilts!  Getting a photo of this
wasn't easy, as there was a persistent cat determined to roll around when I was trying to photograph it for the pattern!

(And finally I have a photo of a cat on a quilt for my blog!  It's really hard to get a photo of Perdie that's not blurred; she loves rolling around too much!)

I think the quilting came out well on this.  The swirls did get tighter as I went along, must watch out for that in the future.