Sunday 29 May 2011

My nemesis...

This has been my nemesis for the last fortnight.
Looks harmless enough, doesn't it?  Wrong.  My own machine is being repaired, and I was loaned this.  I can't make it do a single stitch.  Threaded, rethreaded, bobbin checked, you name it.  So instead I have been pre-washing
and in the case of this washing and washing again and cutting.  I hate cutting.  Hate it.  But in the absence of anything else...  This is a fraction of the cutting I managed.  I get my machine back tomorrow, so let's see how long it takes to sew all together!

Sunday 22 May 2011

An introduction

I really should have introduced myself, shouldn't I?  I'll try to keep this brief...

My name is Eleanor.  I live on a farm, something I hadn't really intended.  I tutor French, another thing that was unanticipated.  I have been living at home now for about 5 years, and while in some aspects I am quite content, in others less so.  I have found patchwork to be a great release factor, and I sincerely think it has helped me stay sane - it is having something to do, and creativity.  I hope this continues.  A few 'I am's...

I am flighty.  I rarely work at one thing until it is finished, but instead flit around as I am easily distracted.

I am not fashionable.  Generally speaking, I can't afford the newest ranges as and when they are released, and that's if I can get them.  I only ever buy new ranges if I really fall in love, and even then I try to limit myself.  Besides, it can take me a while to think what I want to do with them.

I am unsure how I would describe myself.  I am pretty much anything goes when it comes to material, but I am more drawn to more intricate piecing or clever placement of colour.  So while I love 'fresh' material, I'm less sure of what to do with it.

I am a lover of gadgets.

I am a foreign magazines junkie.  I have subscriptions to several, and I love seeing the different styles all over the world.  I try to draw inspiration from all of them...

I am trying to design.  I rarely stick to a pattern, so now I'm trying to make some of my own.  As I said, I'm drawn to more intricate piecing, but I'm trying to design easier things to teach.

I am trying this for a second time.  I tried blogging before, but missed blogging things, and it just piled up without ever being published.  This is a new start.

Friday 20 May 2011

To cut or not to cut...

I decided to make a qwillow from these materials:

I wanted something pretty easy that could be taught in a day workshop.  I'm thinking of squares.  4 patches surrounded by some of those blacks on the left and alternated with 16 patch blocks.  The squares would be 3 inches finished.  But look at these: 

The pattern is so big!  Here's a photo with my 6 1/2 inch ruler beside it:  

So, to cut or not to cut!  I think these two would be wasted if I cut them the planned size.  So I think instead of putting 4 patches, I might put 8 inch squares of these materials.  Now to see if I have enough in the fat quarter to fussy cut that gorgeous flower....