Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dodging a headache

My eyes are going all skew-whiffy tonight, so I'm rushing this post while I can still focus.

 Another Q2 goal.  I made this for Fiddlesticks Fabrics a couple of years ago and in the hurry to finish I only managed some basic stitch in the ditch.  I decided I'd quilt this up for a free motion class I was teaching, deliberately only quilting half.
 Ribbon candy on yellow, stipple in blue, loops in green, straight lines on brown and a free hand scallop around the panels.

Mum holding up the quilt for a full view.

Quilt is approx 41" x 54".

One more finish for tomorrow!


  1. Your quilting is great . My machine is too basic and my boredom threshold too low when it comes to quilting . The monkeys made me smile . Every Monday in work I sing 5 little monkeys bouncing a rhyme time we do

  2. Those monkeys are so cute and I love the FMQ you have done!
    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*