Thursday 23 April 2015

I have a finish... but as the customer hasn't collected it yet, I can't show it.  This is as much as I can show -
lots of lovely binding!

I quilted this for a friend:
which was a first attempt at feathers.
 I'm also quilting this for a friend, so tried more feathers.
This is a gorgeous pattern called Golden Jubilee, which is a bit like Double Wedding Ring on steroids!

I'm also prepping and cutting for two quilts, which I'll show soon.  I find with my shoulder I can't cut much at a time, so I have to stagger it out over a while.  I'm taking advantage of the fabulous weather to pre-wash all the fabrics.  I often do, then made a baby quilt with a charm pack which ran and bled hideously.  As I'm using similar colours, I'm definitely pre-washing this time!


  1. feathers always look good on a quilt...........

    1. Thanks for the visit! I'm quite pleased - I hadn't tried it before so thought this wasn't bad for a first attempt!