Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Q3 Goals

Going for an ambitious list here!  Don't think I have any photos, so this is more a list for me to check back on.  Hopefully as I get through these, I'll be able to show more!

Must do
Baby quilt for M
Tractor from Farm Girl Vintage (one for Dad's birthday, then one for me)
Peacock wallhanging for Aunt M's birthday
Christmas ornaments that have been ordered

Should do
This is things for craft fairs:
Apple core table runner
Small nativity panel
Large nativity panel
At least 5 advent calendars
At least 5 stockings
Baby panel
QAYG sampler quilt

Want to do
Sal's quilt
Pink Karma quilt
Blue Karma quilt
Bag for Festival of Quilts
Christmas cushion
"Press" wallhanging
Dog quilt

12 1/2" FGV block for wallhanging
Music player mat
Mini Christmas cushions x 2
Pat Archibald junk
Pat Archibald elephant
Jennie Rayment cushion
Softies: Dachshund, cow, elephant

Not strictly finishes
Finish quilting L's quilt
Put together jelly roll flimsy


  1. I love how you've divided up the list! I should do that...nope mine would be way too scary with the number of projects on it...That dog quilt is too cute. :-) Good luck with all will be interesting to see how many you can check off come the end of September!

  2. Super cute quilt! Good luck on your lists!